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Q: What is RandBuilders.net?
A: RandBuilders is a Multi Level Marketing Business which enables Participants to learn to master the business of network marketing while creating an additional income stream for themselves. When you join RandBuilders you purchase master resale right to promote your own business, as we as an e-book which will provide you with the guidance and tips to help you succeed in network marketing. Participants earn an extra income by sale of the same products to their own prospects (downlines) who pay directly to them. (Please note there are striclty no reimbursements on paid purchases)
Q: How do I earn?
A: Please see our compensation plan on our home page. Earnings are payed by downlines to your chosen account, Bank or Bitcoin. All you have to do is register, either under the referral link provided by your upline, or directly on the website if you do not have a referrer. Pay your first level purchase to upline details provided, submit your payment, get approved and then invite 2 people to register directly under you. Your 2 downline will pay directly to you. It is your duty to assist your downline get their 2 referrals and upgrade through the matrix levels so you may move through levels and receive cash from your downlines as you upgrade!
Q: Is it compulsory to upgrade/
A: Yes it is compulsory to upgrade. Failure to upgrade within 24 hours of receiving full payment for a level will result in permanent blocking of your user account.
Q: Is there a central account?
A: No, RandBuilders.net is a member to member multi level marketing business, therefore members pay directly to upline.
Q: Who can join Randbuilders.net?
A: Anyone from any area or country can join. RandBuilders.net is intended for the benefit of as many people as possible.
Q: Are multiple accounts allowed?
A: Yes, however you must use a different username for each account.
Q: How do I join and is it free?
A: It is absolutely free to register an account with us. To join you can simply go onto our registration page "Join Now" and create a user account, OR, if you were referred to the business by someone simply register an account under that person's referral link. (NB: Please note, if you register and do not purchase a position within 48 hours, your account will be deleted.)
Q: Do I have to purchase a package immediately after I sign up?
A: Once signed up you must purchase a package within 48 hours, failure to do so will result in deletion of your profile. Idle account are not permitted as they cause unnecessary burden to the system.
Q: In what currency do I pay my purchase amount?
A: The functional currency of our business is South African Rands. This means that which ever currency you pay in, the amount pay must be equivalent to the South African Rand amount of R20.00.
Q:How do I attach proof of payment once I have made my payment?
A: To attach your proof of payment after you have made payment, please followe the steps below:
1. Go to Pending Payments section of your account.
2. Then go to the last column titled "Action"
3. Ignore transaction ID blocks then click on "Chose File"
4. Select the image you are uploading from your device and ensure you have uploaded successfully. Please note our system only accepts images.
5.Click on "Submit Details"
6. Ensure to contact your receiver to approve your payment.
Q: I have received payment from my donwline, how do I "Approve" the payment?
A: To confirm receipt of payment, please follow the below steps. It is very important that you follow these steps exactly because if you press "Deny" by mistake you will void the transaction and your downline will have to repurchase Level 1 in order to create a new transaction for you to approve.
1. Go to Pending Payments section of your account.
2. Then go to the last column titled "Action"
3. Click on "Approve"
4. Then clcik on "Confirm Approve" on the next page.
Please be careful to ensure that you are approving funds which have been received in your account as there is no reversal on approvals. To ensure you do not make errors, our system has the two step approval process so you can ensure you did not click approve by mistake.
Q: Is my personal information protected?
A: Any personal information you share with us is protected and will not be sold or distributed to any person or entity.
Q: I have forgotten my password, what can I do to login now?
A: Click on "Forgot Password", this is found on the login page just below the login button. Then enter your email address in the block provided on the page that comes up and click submit. Your login details will be sent to your registered email address. Alternatively, if you have not deleted it, you can check the welcome email you received from us when you registered, this will also have your login details.
Q: I have purchased my package, submitted the payment, however my upline is not approving?
A: If your upline does not approve your payment within 24 hours, please write to admin@randbuilbers.net, attach proof of payment and provide your uplines details. We will duly assist with confirmation.
Q: My downline purchased a position and now has not paid me?
A: Please communicate and allow reasonable time for payment, at least 24 hours. After this period has elapsed and you have contacted the responsible person, you may click "Deny" and the transaction will be voided.
Q: I have registered incorrectly and my account is activated, can I be moved to my desired Upline?
A: No. Once you have registered and made a purchase which is approved, this cannot be reversed. Once you have registered under a sponsor, your account will remain under that sponsor permanently. Please ensure that once you register and before you purchase your position, you check under "Stats" in your Personal Office to ensure that you are under the correct Sponsor. All active accounts cannot be moved!(RandBuilders will accept no liability in relation to incorrect registration and cannot assist in this regard.)
Q: I have recruited a new prospect but have no idea where I must get my unique referral link for my prospect to register?
A: Your referral link will be found under Promotional Center in your Personal Office/Account. Please make sure you inform your prospects to use this link to register in order for you to receive your commissions, and for the prospects to fall under your team. They can check that they registered under the correct upline under "Stats" in their Personal Office/Account before proceeding to make any purchases on the system.
Q: I am trying to purchase a Level but when I go to purchase position, it has skipped the Level I want to purchase and shows me the next Level?
A: Our System is designed such that you cannot skip a level. If you see the Level above the one you are trying to purchase on the Purchase options, this means you have already purchased position for the level you intend to upgrade to. For example, if you are moving to Level 2 and under Purchase Position options you see Level 3, this means you have already clcikec purchase for Level 2 and the system will not allow you to purchase Level 3 until you have made your payment for Level 2 and have been approved. Your purchase for Level 2 will be under the Pending Payments Section. Therefore in this situation, you must go to Pending Payments under your menu options to see your pending Level purchase for the Level you were intending to purchase, becasue you ahve already purchased the Level and need to make payment for it.
Q: I have an upline whom I have correctly regsitered under, however when I purchased position, my purchase went to admin and not this upline, Why?
A: When you register under an upline, you need to communicate with your upline before you purchase any position in our business to ensure that your Upline has purchase the position, is approved and therefore qualifies to receive payments on the particular level. For instance, if you are a new participant who registered under a specific Upline's invite link, and you are about to purchase your entry level payment, you MUST communicate this to your Upline. Your upline must then make sure that he or she has purchased the relevant level, and has been confirmed for this level so that he or she may receive commission for his or her sale to you. Its Very Important to note that, where a downline upgrades before an upline qualifies for a position, that downline will bypass his or her upline and fall to admin. This is becuase the system cannot allocate a person who does not qualify to receive communication on a specific level, to be paid by downline for commission on that level, participants need to purchase, pay and be confirmed on a level to qualify to receive commission for sales on that level.
In the  instance that downline has bypassed upline and has purchased, paid and been confirmed,  in order to get that member back into the upline's structure, the Upline must upgrade past the level on which the downline is. This will put the downline back into the upline's structure for the next level payments. Please note that there is no refund or system reversal on confirmed purchases in instances where downline has bypassed upline, purchased position,paid and been confirmed by admin. Participants therefore need to ensure that they follow the correct procedure to avoid downline moving to admin. It is the sole responsibility of participants to keep themselves informed on how the business and system work and to ensure that they manage their business and downlines accordingly. Neither RandBuilders nor its administrator shall take any responsibility for any errors made.
Q: I have made an error and purchased a position before my upline and my purchase has moved to admin, I have not yet made payment, what can I do to rectify this?
A: In a case where a downline has purchased a level and fallen to admin because his or her upline has not qualified to receive commision on that level, and the downline has not yet made payment, the downline may write to support to request that the purchase be denied. Please note, this can oly be done in an instance where payment has not yet been made. Where payment has been made, the transaction cannot be reversed. (Based on query volumes support may take some days to respond, however, your query will be addressed)
Q: I have communicated with my Upline regarding upgrade and he is not ready and I would like to upgrade?
A: Where a downline has communicated with an upline and the upline is not ready to upgrade, the downline may proceed to upgrade and will fall to admin.This will in no way affect the downline and his or her structure i.e. the downline of the person upgrading to admin, will follow him or her and pay within his or her team, in accordance with the team matrix. The Upline will lose commision for the upgrade of his downline in this particular instance for the specific upgrade. In such instance the upline would then once ready have to upgrade past the downline to move the downline back to his or her matrix structure and qualify to receive commision for the downline's further level upgrades.
Q: I have clicked purchase position by mistake, but I am not ready to pay and move to the purchased position, please help me, how does this affect my payments from downline?
A: In the case where a participants clicks purchase position by mistake, the participant can do one of two things, 1.) Communicate with receiver to request that they deny payment, where the receiver is admin, participant must write to support to request that the error purchase be removed, 2.) Simply leave the pending payment as it is and pay when you are ready. The pending payment will not result in blocking the participant from the system, further it will not affect the participant's ability to receive payment from his downline for the level for which he or she qualifies.
Q: Can I register more than two prospects under my referral link?
A: Yes, you may register as many new prospects under your referral link as possible. You are however only allowed to have two participants directly under you, and the rest will fspill under to your downline. This will assist grow your structure faster and balance both your left and right leg of your matrix where there are gaps, in turn ensuring that you move through the matrix levels faster. This will also help replace users who have become inactive in your team thus bypassing these inactive users clogging your matrix with active particpants.
Q: If a person decides they no longer want to continue with the business, can they do so?
A: Yes, participant are free to decide whether they want to continue with or exit the business at any time. However activate accounts cannot be deactivated nor removed from the system. Further depending on struture of the particular person's team they may continue to receive upgrade payments from other participants by virtue of spillunder from upline or upgrades from downline where the person is an upline. To stop receiveing system communication, such person may simply click on the opt out link at the bottom of all correspondence sent by RandBuilders.
Q: I am allocated to pay an upline who is no longer active in the business what do I do?
A: Kindly contact that perosn and inform them that you would like to pay and request confirmation. Where the person receives payment but fails to confirm, please send valid payment proof to support to assist with confirmation. Please note confirmation may take a few days based on support volumes. In a situation where the user is uncooperative and refuses payment, please write to support to assist with denial or further guidance.
Q: I have paid my entry level purchase and been confirmed, why am I not being allocated people to pay me?
A: Please note that RandBuilders does not allocate payers to users. We are a Multi Level Marketing Business and not a Ponzi Scheme. In order to earn on RandBuilders, you must recruit prospects, register them using your referral link and ensure that they purchase and pay for their entry level. You also must encourage and support these users to do the same as you have and upgrade through the matrix levels in order to create an income stream.
It is very important to note that, RandBuilders is not a Ponzi Scheme and we do not take from Peter to pay Paul. You need to work on your business in order to grow it and earn:
1. You do not gain any interest income by engaging in the business;
2. You do not simply invest an amount and wait for payment;
3. Randbuilders will never allocate participants to pay another participant. All payment to users come from their own sales as well as sales of their referrals (downline), your income is the fruit of your own labour.
Q: Why are additional incentives cancelled?
A: Management has amended some system function in the interest of the members, to ensure that members cycle out of their matirx boards rapidly without inclusion of admin in deep matrices. This therefore means that there will be no funds coming to administration to sustain additional incentives. (Although currently stopped, gifting may be reintroduced at a later stage, based on perfomance of the business.)
Q: How do I contact support for queries I have?
A: If you cannot find the answer to your query in our FAQ section, please email our friendly support team at admin@randbuilders.net. Queries will generally receive a response in 24 to 48 hours, save where the is extraordinarily high influx of queries. 
Please note. no abusive language and/or conduct towards our staff and administrator will be tolerated. Should a member behave in a  manner abusive to our staff, the matter will be considered to be one of a material nature and may lead to suspension or permanent ban of such abuser from the RandBuilders business, with no further notice or obligation on the part of RandBuilders and or any of its staff members.